My friend was discussing a pleasant surprise that he encountered the other day as he embarked on one of his journeys to work.

He explained that three chavs hopped aboard the train heading to Preston and sat down. As far as their dress sense and behaviour was concerned, everything was normal. They muttered away in that pikey tone, associated only with chavs, their tracksuit bottoms were tucked into their socks and they showed their lack of concern for other passengers by playing music through their iPhones. However instead of the latest pop trend or that 200bpm rubbish known as ‘Bounce’, these boys were playing songs from the likes or Johnny Cash and other country artists.

People like this seem to appear on a very rare occasion. A knew someone while I was in university with that typical bad boy mentality but with an impeccable taste in music. God only knows why he occasionally listened to rubbish as well, however at least he knew the real world existed when he was ready to leave his ‘Bounce’ fantasy behind.

…you’re not actually getting a hard copy of anything…

The trouble with the digital era is that when you buy a piece of music, you’re not actually getting a hard copy of anything. In past decades, when you would buy a CD, tape or vinyl, you would also get the cover and artwork that came with the product. As it’s the mainstream that reaches the largest majority of people, what are the people to do when they want to know more about their favourite artists? Without realising what’s happened, their hair is already redder than Rihanna’s because they’ve switched the telly on and then sent their daddies to Boots for dye. Mum is in Primark picking up pairs of disco pants and chino’s, Beatport owners are cracking open the bubbly.

However what about people who don’t like mainstream music, where are they to go for their fashion sense? Although it’s only around a fiver for a music magazine such as Kerrang or Mixmag, some young people can struggle to meet this cost if they don’t have a paper round.  Without an older sibling, finding a fashion sense while remaining true to their own preferences can be difficult, and no one wants to dress like their parents do they!

…they have shaped my life and the person I have become…

Fashion has always been a major part of society, especially with young people. However so have ideologies. While lyrics can be very powerful, there is so much music out there with no lyrics at all, but these songs will still melt into the depths of the soul. One of my favourite artists is Trentemoller from Denmark. His music is very dark and miserable and often contains no lyrical content. Luckily I own his material on both CD and vinyl so I have access to more than just his music. I have learned about his influences and taste in art, music and culture. I have learned a little bit about his personality; the same goes with any other musicians whose music I have bought the old fashioned way. All of these combined, they have shaped my life and the person I have become. MP3 is limiting the amount of information being given to the listeners.

There are hundreds of conspiracy theories out there focusing on brainwashing tactics, shady business deals and corruption. All of them lead back to the same origin as well, the government. Jesse Ventura recently uncovered a sinister plot on his show, Conspiracy Theories, regarding mind control. Using a certain type of supposedly abandoned pylons, the US government were able to plant thoughts and voices into the minds of US citizens. It’s inevitable that the world is going to collapse sometime in the near future and all these conspiracies seem to follow a pattern. They are in effect to preserve a small percentage of the world population while the rest of us slowly perish.

…the best way to go about this is by manipulating the media…

In the seventies, the CIA ran a mind control programme called MK Ultra, in which hallucinogens were used on subjects. Part of this idea was behaviour modification and it was believed civilians could have been turned into assassins. What if you want to do this on a larger scale though and turn a full nation of people into sheep for example?  Surely the best way to go about this is by manipulating the media. Flood the masses with catchy but cheap music, healthy cereal bars and sexy women. Introduce something that seems very convenient such as MP3, and use the same sexy women to advertise it. All it takes is a picture of Kim Kardashian with an iPod and millions of people will buy one.

However if people aren’t getting as much information as they used to, then in effect, they are slowly going to become more stupid and less individual. If everyone is on the same mainstream architected wavelength, they are going to be much easier to manipulate and control.  Governments have always had many ways of controlling the masses. MP3 is being passed off as the ‘way of the future’, but maybe it’s just another form of control.        

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I was born in the town of Blackburn and have lived in Salford and Spain. Music is my biggest passion in life; I am a DJ and a learning percussionist and have written songs since my teens. I am also trying to establish myself as a writer as its something I've enjoyed since childhood.

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