As I was growing up in the nineties, I always felt behind with the times. 

Whenever I went to a friend’s house, I would usually find a CD player in either the living room or their bedroom and a collection of CD’s floating somewhere nearby. Back at my house, the only music I had access to was in the form of a pile of records from the seventies and eighties era’s mainly, with the occasional Beatles album or Tchaikovsky symphony scattered in between. The only time I could ever listen to modern music was either on the radio or on television before my father switched the channel over to watch TOTP2.

I didn’t acquire my first CD player until I was in my early teens as my parents had never allowed it.  I later found out this was for my own benefit as modern music in the mainstream doesn’t really benefit anyone in an educational sense.  However when my teenage years came and I had some brass spare, I went out and bought my first CD player and music from the likes of artists such as Britney Spears and other female singers. 

…there was nothing like masturbating to ‘Baby One More Time’…

iPod Touch_AppleWhile there was nothing like masturbating to ‘Baby One More Time’, secretly hoping that one day you’d also be donkey punching a babe like Rihanna, I quickly realised that modern pop music was not for me.  I was a young boisterous lad who wanted something soaked in testosterone; I wasn’t interested in love as a fourteen year old. Also having a subject like this lectured to me by someone who had only just learned how to use a pregnancy test made pop music quite insulting to me. It wasn’t long before I discovered rap music and then it was from here I became fascinated with culture.

Buying music became really exciting, one CD which would set me back an average of ten pounds would be days, if not weeks of initial entertainment.  Often enough from a CD, many people have their favourite song or guilty pleasure. It would either be a piece of music with deep meaningful lyrics that would slowly become a part of who you are, or simply really catchy and would be played at every house party. Also when you weren’t dissolving yourself in the lyrics, you’re reinforced with the booklet that came with the CD on many an occasion. With hip hop, many of the artists included lyrics to their songs written inside the cover. Many rappers love to ramble on in their booklets and give shout outs to everyone they admire and helped make the album a reality. This was always an entertaining read as you would learn a little bit more about the hip hop world with each new CD, you would find out which rappers respected who and you would feel like you’re becoming a part of the community. Also some albums included posters of the artist you were buying, I still have a Mos Def picture on my wall somewhere.

…downloading is becoming easier and easier, they are rarely getting an insight into the minds of their idols…

Over the last decade or so, MP3 has become more and more common, I haven’t owned a portable CD player for years either so I’m no CD activist. However kids growing up now are getting more and more used to the internet and the idea of downloading things. The most obvious observation of this is that they are forgetting the value of money within music and are being taught by the mainstream that music is all about making money.

Kids are getting smarter in some respects and therefore cheekier these days, they will give you abuse for listening to older music and not even think that we had to save up for a few weeks to buy a hard copy of an album. Also because downloading is becoming easier and easier, they are rarely getting an insight into the minds of their idols because they are never getting the artwork that comes with a CD or record. They are too concerned with looking good and being regarded as ‘cool’ by their peers, that they are forgetting how to find a true definition of individuality. Could MP3 be taking this away and if so, is it being done on purpose?

…to be continued.

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I was born in the town of Blackburn and have lived in Salford and Spain. Music is my biggest passion in life; I am a DJ and a learning percussionist and have written songs since my teens. I am also trying to establish myself as a writer as its something I've enjoyed since childhood.

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