I was at a friend’s house the other day having a few drinks and watching videos on MTV or some other music channel.  As if the last song that played wasn’t grim enough, I was now to be introduced to the world of the dawg, the Cuban link who calls himself ‘Pitbull’. I knew within about four bars of the song starting that I wasn’t going to like it, however I didn’t anticipate some of the foul thoughts that were soon to follow.

So it started, and the first lines instantly annoyed me.

“You don’t get them girls loose, you don’t get the world loose, you don’t get money, but I do”

…young people then listen to the same mindless crap…

Enough to infuriate anyone with half a brain!  I know the music channels aren’t the best source of education in regards to good poetry, however stuff like this is what is making people really thick these days.  These songs get drilled into society every day via a millions of plays a day on many TV and radio channels.  Thousands of young people then listen to the same mindless crap again in nightclubs and what have you, and then gradually fall into the fantasy world being created by the media. 

Unsurprisingly many people are useless in this day and age as far as art is concerned and live out dead end jobs their whole life.  This isn’t shocking at all when it’s clear they are being manipulated by lyrics that could have been written by a five year old.  Look at them again, excusing the fact that many young boys won’t understand slang terms like ‘loose’, can you really see a five year old, with a basic grasp  of the English language finding it impossible to write something similar?  And this is what is inspiring young adults to be the next change for good that the world needs, the next Marley or Lennon.  The hilarious part is that the last half of that terrible intro is true, most people are broke and that idiot has more Benjamin’s than he deserves.

…I had to endure some egotistic dick parade around a swimming pool…

A few years ago my first impulse after hearing those starting lines would have been a sudden burst of unrestrained hate, verbally being propelled towards the telly.  However these days I just tend to start cracking up when I hear well produced diarrhoea. For the next few minutes, I had to endure some egotistic dick parade around a swimming pool and tell us how great he is, not the most original idea.  Nevertheless fair play he did have lots of gorgeous women dancing around him, but most of them were taller than him though.  As I continued to watch, I thought to myself it would be hilarious if someone from my neighbourhood ended up on the big screen like that.  There are hundreds of talentless unimaginative pitbulls round my way, all of whom are over confident and obsessed with the image of a lavish lifestyle.  To hear a scally singing about luxury over some run-of-the-mill beat during a summer party would have me in stitches.  However deep down I would be hating them.  I’d also be hoping they encounter a swift life changing accident before they have the chance to ruin Christmas with a second single.

In my eyes it’s celebrities like this who are bastardising music culture.  Music used to stand for something and could ignite powerful emotions and even movements.  Now we’re being drilled with complete and utter garbage whenever we switch the telly on.  Personally I think it would be a good idea to knock one of these celebs down a peg or two. As for Pitbull, I’d happily pay a real dawg like DMX to make mincemeat of his backside and show the Pitbull that he’s really a poodle!



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I was born in the town of Blackburn and have lived in Salford and Spain. Music is my biggest passion in life; I am a DJ and a learning percussionist and have written songs since my teens. I am also trying to establish myself as a writer as its something I've enjoyed since childhood.

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