Brother & Bones are an energizing, astonishing and highly innovative sound, emerging from the depths of folk rock clubs to the mainstream scene with slots at major festivals such as Boardmasters, Wakestock, Beautiful Days and their recent tour of Germany. This group of talented artists are going from strength to strength, and their latest EP For All We Know is another step on the road to stardom.

The opening track, I See Red,  is a clash of many different sounds, but it works extremely well. The initial funky bass opening is complimented fantastically by the loud, thrashing chorus, high adrenaline vocals and guitar strumming. The electric and the acoustic combining to give it that spine-tingling, original hard-folk sound.



The title track, For All We Know, is an immaculate display of near-perfection of vocals and guitar picking. The drums harmonise the song in such a delicate way, but then add the orchestrated crashing sound I’ve grown to love from Brother & Bones and this song is onto a winner.



Follow Me Down is a simple yet extraordinary song, the simple opening chords and vocals set a strong foundation for an even stronger song. The powerful wall of drums and guitar strumming is like a strong fresh wind to the face; it hurts but in a really good way, you feel alive. The group vocals in chorus are amazing, giving the song a sing-a-long factor makes this a perfect gig ender.



Wicked Man is probably the smartest song on the EP, the clever use of lyrics shape the song wonderfully, giving them a new, dynamic sound. The contradiction of the soft guitar picking with the hard-hitting guitar strumming works  a treat, a real refreshing sound backed up by the distant shadowy electric guitar, their rock and roll tendencies shining through.

For All We Know, as an EP, is an excellent starting point for a future project, hopefully a full-length album which I can sit and listen to for half an hour and enjoy thoroughly. Expect more from Brother & Bones, much more.

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Pete is a Creative & Professional Writing student at Bangor University, an avid listener of folk and roots music and a passionate supporter of Northampton Saints.

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