It’s a rare occurrence that you instantly fall in love with a song the first time that you hear it, but in regard to Bristol band Coasts, it’s no surprise.

Coasts1_MusicThe bands new single Oceans is the third in their repertoire and highlights the tropical and indie drenched feeling that made their previous songs (Stay and Lions) so impressive.

What’s really interesting about the band is that they are relatively new (having formed in 2011), yet pay as though they are a veteran of the scene. With subtle tones and catch structures to their songs I find it hard to believe that Oceans is their debut single. From its dynamic and stunning sounds, it’s as though Coasts have been around for a lot longer than they have and really out-do/bring shame to bigger and more established artists.

…it’s refreshing to see a bunch of guys that care for the craft…

With the music scene littered with same-y songs and forgetful performances it’s refreshing to see a bunch of guys that care for the craft and bring something new to the table. There is no doubt that Oceans will propel the boys to unknown heights, and as long as they produce the same bright and danceable indie styling’s, they will be in the game for the long haul.

Oceans is due for release on 25 February. To support the single release Coasts will be embarking on a nationwide tour; dates TBC.

Check out the bands twitter, facebook and website here.



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