Dolomite Minor are a rock and blues duo from Southampton, who are quickly making their way on the music stage.

Formed in 2010 by Joe Grimshaw on guitar and vocals and Max Palmier on drums, Dolomite Minor have toured festivals throughout this year, starting in February with at least one gig each month. They have additional planned events on January 11th and 12th in 2014.

Apart from that they have treated us to a number of singles, which are so far definitive for the overall sound of their work. Songs like Let Me Go and Microphone set the tone of the rhythm of the band with the haunting voice of lead singer and guitarist Grimshaw lazily flowing over us. Nevertheless, this rhythm stands them apart from other bands in the music industry, since they are not ones to slip into the comfortable and the rather commercial sound of prevalent pop-rock singles we are used to listening.

…they pull you deeper and deeper into the repetitive but memorable rhythm of the music…

The deep rhythm of their music complements the atmosphere created by the lyrics. The lyrics create dark visions, which are not scary or pretentious but instead mediate pure and strong emotion. It is as if this emotion has been contained for too long and the music is its expression. The band’s songs, just like the two members of Dolomite Minor themselves, don’t pretend to be something they are not and they are not replicating what has become the popular sound and themes for contemporary rock. Instead, they pull you deeper and deeper into the repetitive but memorable rhythm of the music. It is this combination between memorable rhythm and emotion that set them apart other bans.

When one listens to Dolomite Minor’s music it doesn’t sound like they are a young duo, who are just making their way on stage. It seems like they are going to be someone to look out for since having toured festival stages throughout 2013 and having planned new gigs for 2014, Dolomite Minor are determined to get our attention and keep it.



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