The Rubberbandits are a comedy hip-hop duo from Ireland who first sprang to fame over Christmas 2010 with their (almost) chart-topping hit Horse Outside. Sadly it didn’t make nearly as much of an impact over in the UK; however, that’s all in the process of change as the Limerick boys – known individually as Blindboy Boatclub and Mr. Chrome – have just won themselves a musical sitcom pilot commissioned by Channel 4 on the strength of their three Comedy Blaps webisodes promoted online last year.

The two songs brought to life in video form were Black Man and Spoiling Ivan. These two songs were released on their first major debut album, Serious About Men, late in 2011 along with 22 other tracks. Included was a pull out picture book which tells the story of a socially outcast pet hawk, a word search, make-up tips and an insight into all the men the Rubberbandits are serious about, printed inside the title font on the front cover. All for a tenner: that’s value.

The line between their plastic bag clad heads and the comedians underneath…

There are also songs about double dropping yokes with Eamon Devalera, songs about showing Ice Cube the proper way to swing a hurley, songs about wanting to fight a girl’s father, songs about the RA, songs about a greyhound called Lavender… and my current personal favourite, a song about shifting girls, which isn’t as dirty as it sounds and a new (extremely literal) video for which came out this week. There is definitely no shortage of Irish references in amongst all that – I’ve learned a whole new vocabulary since stumbling across them, myself.

There are numerous interviews with the pair online that show their intelligence, uncanny ability to evade any serious subject matter and responsw to all questions posed with completely fantastical ingenuity. The line between their plastic bag clad heads and the comedians underneath always blurs to an impressive extent. With such inspired satirical lyrics, political jibes and horse talk fronted by a pair of laid-back rappers, I’m intrigued as to what they’ll come up with. Between Blindboy and Mr. Chrome, the boys produce and play their own music, sing and rap, do jokes, write comedy, and they can act. As performers go, it all looks to be so easy.

…I highly recommend these guys…

However, I must admit I’ve personally tried to introduce their videos to people in the past, unfortunately not always encouragingly successfully. But if you’re not easily offended and you like music, comedy and Limerick City, I highly recommend these guys for songs that won’t leave your head in a hurry and will probably get you into trouble as you sing the choruses at just that moment when you really shouldn’t.

They’re not for everyone, but for me and from what I’ve heard their own mothers are saying, the Rubberbandits are gas bastards and headed for big things.

Their London Koko gig on 8 March has just been rescheduled for 30 March at King’s College.


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