Whether you’re a student who has come to the end of third year and are preparing yourself for the big wide world, or a fresher terrified at how quickly everyone says it goes, the thing that gets you through is the playlist.

When you live in such close proximity to people from all different walks of life, your music taste is bound to be infected and changed. Nothing is better for dealing with those emotional times, so here are a few suggestions from me for those times when the real world just seems a bit too close for comfort.


Give It All Back – Noah and the Whale

Noah and the Whale’s most recent single and close contender for their most feel-good song – coming in only behind the twee ball of sunshine 5 Years Time, Give It All Back is the perfect nostalgia song, telling the semi-autobiographical story of lead-singer Charlie Fink as he discovered rock and roll and the stirring power of music on his young ambitious mind.

This song makes me yearn for my carefree youth and makes the idea of running away into the world with only a guitar and childish dreams seem like the only way I could ever be happy.



Sugar We’re Goin Down – Fall Out Boy

We all went through that stage. The one where you walk a few paces behind your mum around the city; when you take pictures of yourself looking wistful to bulk up your MySpace photo album; and when every alternative rock band somehow knows just how you’re feeling inside, and it all comes back at university.

There always comes a time at every party, someone always puts a Fall Out Boy song on, or at least an indistinguishable equivalent, and, after screaming along, people always find satisfaction in still knowing all the words that were so indispensable to their young, angsty selves. These are the moments that you come to university for, because you finally see just how much you have changed and just how glad you are that you did.



Any Random Disney Film Song

There comes a time in every student’s life when you find yourself saying the words: “I haven’t seen [insert name of any childhood Disney film here] in so long!” and then watching it, singing along to every song in much the same surprising, somehow-not-embarrassing way as you have done previously with Fall Out Boy, and then agreeing to systematically watch every other Disney film that you had forgotten about.

I remember watching these films as a young child and enjoying them, and then letting them gracefully become the thing of memories, but it seems at university, where there is a mixture of new-found immaturity and desperation to hold onto your childish side amongst all the deadlines and responsibilities, Disney films are a given and if you don’t know the songs, you are shown the film and the videos until you do. It’s best to make the most of this time of your life, when singing Disney songs is the norm, rather than the thing that you are avoided at work for.



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