Produced by instrumentalist Richard Durrant and featuring violinist Ben Lee, Terry Emm’s first album White Butterflies caused a stir when it was first released in 2009. Following the success of his debut album, Terry Emm released his second album Petals Fallen off the Sun, once again produced by Durrant. As part of the Brighton collective LongMan Records, Durrant has also been responsible for the albums of Stephen J. Kalinich, Jack Cryer and the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain.

A number of DJ fans have confirmed the Bedfordshire singer-songwriter and guitarist’s talent and success. Some of these include Bob Harris at Radio 2 and Chris Hawkins at BBC 6 Music. In his comments on the work of this young rising performer, Hawkins has remarked Absolutely delightful, while Harris has categorised it as Excellent, excellent music. Other responses to his work include reviews from R2 Magazine (‘Such finally crafted songs) and Mojo (Outstandingpastoral, romantic and lit musically by summer raysno routine singer-songwriter offering but some-thing totally engaging in melody and lyricthe cult starts here ).

In 2014 Emm is going to present his fans with a new single entitled ‘Starlight’ released on March 3. This is part of his new album From Dark to Starlight, which is different from his previous work. When commenting on the single’s origin Emm says:

an otherworldly, reminiscent feel much like looking back on the life of someone

I came up with the guitar riff whilst sitting on a park bench in Amsterdam on a friends down tuned guitar. I wrote some words about the passing of my Nan – I thought it had an otherworldly, reminiscent feel much like looking back on the life of someone, helping me come to terms.” 

The new album itself was produced by Michael Clarke, who has previously worked with singer-songwriter Dan Whitehouse, Oh! Stockholm and Arbour Lights, and string arranger Calina De La Mare. Along with the album a number of tour dates have been released as Terry Emm has become widely acclaimed for his live performances. The set dates include shows for which Terry Emm was chosen to support artists such as Emma Stevens and American blues man Harry Max.

…London’s Borderline supporting Emma Stevens…

The available tour dates start from the February 21st at London’s Proud Galleries and end again in London on April 4th at Borderline. Meanwhile Terry Emm will perform at Hemel Hempstead’s Acoustic Cafe (February 22), Salford’s The Eagle (March 21), Middlesbrough’s Marton Hotel supporting Harry Manx (March 22), The Octagon in Keighley supporting Harry Manx (March 23), London’s Surya (March 24), London’s Dublin Castle (March 25), Blue Cat Cafe in Stockport (March  27) and London’s Borderline supporting Emma Stevens (April 4).

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