From critically acclaimed Chicago-based band LOCRIAN, comes the new album Return To Annihilation.

Since forming in 2005, the band has gone on to numerous successes, having regularly pushed the boundaries with their experimental, avant-drone style. And so, it comes as no surprise that their latest single, Two Moons, acts as a fine blend of progressive music mixed with an exploration of the human psyche. It is a tune that, although without lyrics, takes the listener on a journey through a dream-like state, which steadily transgresses into a nightmarish melody.  It is certainly not something that one would choose to listen to with the children, but it has to be said that there is a style to the song that commands you to play it again and again.

And therein ends the experimental nature of the band’s venture into the unknown, as the accompanying music video, which I watched anticipating an enthralling, dark story, is just plain dull.

…Could it have been a lot better?…

Here we have a song from a band that is pushing boundaries and trying to make a mark. It is not for everyone, but at least it tries. The video, created by Rosamaria Montalbano, instead of showing a journey into the dark descent of a story, thus accentuating the song’s message, simply shows a sequence of liquid moving across a dark background, as beams of light go across the screen. Is this all a metaphor for the free-flowing nature of unconsciousness, coupled with flashes of dreams that, once with us, quickly disappear? Perhaps. Is it groundbreaking? No. Could it have been a lot better? It does, however, do well in exemplifying two things about the current music industry. The first is that it is possible to be too experimental, especially when looking for style over substance. The second is that for a song to really be remembered, especially since YouTube is one of the music industry’s prime showcases of new talent, there needs to be something refreshingly different about the visual accompaniment, i.e. Gangnam Style.

LOCRIAN is definitely a band that I will continue listening to, but I would like to send them one piece of advice; if you’re paying someone to work for you, make sure they are supplying you with something worth your time.



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