For any band to sell out one of their gigs is a big deal; more-so impressive is to sell out a venue such as the HMV Forum in Kentish Town, London, and to do so without being signed to a record label is near unheard of. When I first heard about Walk off the Earth’s performance I could not contain my anticipation and immediately booked tickets for the event. 

Walk off the Earth are a Canadian indie band that formed back in 2006; they have gained success through their creation of low-budget music videos covering songs by other artists such as: The Beatles, Eminem and Gotye’s Somebody that I used to know (the latter being the most popular of their YouTube cover videos with over 130 million hits to date). The band has a distinctive and unconventional style and has been described as an alternative, indie and reggae group.  

…attendance rapidly escalated…

After listening to several of their covers via YouTube I became increasingly interested in scoping some of their original music and was exceptionally pleased when I did. The band has now released three albums: Smooth like Stone on a Beach (2007), My Rock (2010) and Walk off the Earth (2012). The third album is what inspired their tour this year and led to their two performances in the UK (London and Bristol).  

In May of this year after a few already sold out performances across the United States, Walk off the Earth signed with Columbia Records, and still their popularity continues to soar. When I first realised the gig had sold-out I predicted the atmosphere was going to be astounding as the HMV Forum’s capacity is 2500, this prediction was confirmed on arrival to the gig. The attendance rapidly escalated as we awaited the performances of the opening acts: Ezra Axelrod and USS. As I waited for the acts to begin I was able to acknowledge the aesthetics of the Forum. The HMV Forum is a reasonably large venue and some fixtures from its days as a cinema, such as the large roof chandelier were still being used for the gig which helped make the performance all the more unique. 

…oversized balloons from above into the audience…

USS got the crowd energised for the leading act with their unbelievable effort and musical talent combining drum and bass, electronica and dance. When Walk off the Earth eventually arrived on stage every person in the venue appeared to have been rejuvenated. They opened with a confetti cannon entrance and a song from their upcoming EP R.e.v.o. .It was an outstanding show, they performed some of their older covers such as Eleanor Rigby and songs from their most recent album such as Summer Vibe (coupled with the release of oversized balloons from above into the audience which was incredible). The group continued to surprise everyone with aerial instrument changes “mid song”, handing a beautiful Ukulele to a member of the audience and finishing the show with two encores and even more confetti shooting into the masses. The venue and all of the acts made this an awesome event to be part of.



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