I may have to use a tagline from another film but I believe it is appropriate – “In space, no one can hear you scream”. Well this is certainly the case in Apollo 18.

Apollo 18 is believed to have been cancelled by NASA, but secret footage that has only just been found showing three astronauts being chosen for an undercover mission, reveals that when they arrive the planet is not as deserted as was assumed.

…this is not a film purely about entertaining the masses.

An initially slow paced story, which takes a while to gather pace and atmosphere, Apollo 18’s main saviour is its creative use of realism. Just like other rough cut films such as Paranormal Activity and The Blair Witch Project, the filmmakers have tried to convince the audience that the events portrayed are real and Apollo 18 may just have people questioning what really happened.

Not everyone will find it enjoyable, as this is not a film purely about entertaining the masses. But there are plenty of edgy scares and jumpy moments placing Apollo 18 closer to Ridley Scott’s Alien rather than Duncan Jones’s Moon.

4 Stars

Image courtesy of Apollo 18


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