Classic films from the past being reimagined for modern audiences is not anything out of the norm and Conan the Barbarian is the latest film to be brought back to life. But does the remake match up to the original?

Conan now being fronted by actor Jason Momoa is hell bent on revenge after witnessing the death of his father and will stop at nothing to kill the man responsible, who is trying to re-build an ancient mask that will give him powers to rule the world. There is plenty of action to keep any fan of the genre happy but unfortunately that is as far it goes.

…plenty of action to keep any fan of the genre happy…

I found the plot a hit and miss scenario: Conan’s personal quest for revenge was simple and worked well. But the other aspects of the story such as the blood of a “pure” woman powering the mask, did not have quite so much appeal. The film would have been just as effective without this storyline as its only real purpose was to show another side to Conan other than a blood thirsty barbarian.

Anyone wanting to see a graphic, gory action film won’t be disappointed. Just do not expect to find a complex, thought provoking storyline.

3 Stars

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