Cowboys and Aliens takes two stalwart action genres and in combining them had the potential to become a fun filled, thrilling epic. But for this to occur successfully pivoting the quantities of action and storyline is essential. Cowboys and Aliens fails to find this line, as the absurdity of watching an increasingly loose storyline unfold becomes boring due to the levels of action never reaching a height that allows the far-fetched plot to become acceptable.

For this film to succeed, the plot should have been submersed in copious amounts of lightning paced action, supported by brief spells of light hearted humour. Cowboys and Aliens struggles to do this, and instead becomes a genre-confused movie that stumbles through an overzealous two hours.

Cowboys and Aliens never really explodes out of the blocks and ultimately disappoints.

A fundamental hurdle was set when making this film, which lay in finding a plausible way the cowboys could defeat the advanced aliens. In attempting to do so the story twists on the ridiculousness of Olivia Wilde’s character and whilst completely convoluting the ability of the invading martians, starting near unbeatable and then becoming far to easy to overcome. The failure to clear these hurdles and the films inability to submerse its audience in ferocious action means Cowboys and Aliens never really explodes out of the blocks and ultimately disappoints.

2 Stars

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