The genius that is Larry David is back for an 8th series of Curb Your Enthusiasm. I have longed for this day as I firmly believe that both Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm are without doubt two of the best comedy programmes to have ever reached our televisions.

I was an avid viewer of Seinfeld and felt that the style of comedy could not be reproduced in any other format, but since 2000 Larry David has proved me wrong seven times over. I am confident the 8th instalment of Curb Your Enthusiasm which started this month will be no different. The show follows its creator as he floats through his life, dabbling in various ventures post Seinfeld.

…a long list of humorous characters…

Larry David’s character in the show is a stubborn over-thinker who manages to get himself into trouble at every turn. Just like Jerry in Seinfeld, Larry, in Curb Your Enthusiasm is supported by a long list of humorous characters including his manager Jeff Greene (Jeff Garlin) and his estranged friend Leon (J. B. Smoove).

Constantly providing interesting star guests, the latest series sees Ricky Gervais and Michael J. Fox featuring, among others, as Larry moves from L.A to New York.  The fantastic aspect of Larry David’s work is his ability to create stories where every moment and every incident is pivotal to the episodes outcome, leaving a viewer laughing hysterically merely at the possibility of what’s to come.

…gut-wrenchingly good comedy.

If you have never watched Curb Your Enthusiasm my advice to you would be to take some time off work, buy the box-set, and stay up sifting through episode after episode of gut-wrenchingly good comedy.


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