Contrary to my instincts I had hoped Green Lantern would try and be engaging, entertaining and fun. I was disappointed.

Attending the première was a lovely experience and we were treated to a 3D screening no less. However the film was diabolically bad. Adding a third dimension to the rubbish on-screen only added to my annoyance. Allow me to explain.

Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds), a cocky jet pilot, is chosen to join an intergalactic group of peacekeepers called The Green Lantern Corp. Reynolds tries his best to be as charismatic as possible. Unfortunately his personality is not allowed to shine. The filmmakers opted instead to show off THAT body in a camp green leotard.

Blake Lively is solely cast to wear naughty secretary outfits…

I could go on about how awful the film was but I will be as succinct as possible: Parallax, which looks like a squid, terrorises space, Hal Jordan who has daddy issues must overcome his fear and save the universe from said creature, lots of garishly coloured aliens philosophise about “Fear” and “Willpower”, Blake Lively is solely cast to wear naughty secretary outfits and be as ineffective a possible. The film runs for 114 minutes but that’s really all you need to know (you won’t get those minutes of your life back again).

The only modicum of interest I found in the film was the dichotomy of Willpower/Fear. Parallax being the personification of Fear and the Green Lantern the personification of Willpower could have been a great metaphor however there was too much distraction and SFX fuss detracting from this.

The lights are on but no one’s home.

2 stars

Image courtesy of Warner Bros.

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