Another feather in the cap of European cinema, In a Better World is without question one of the best films I have seen in recent memory. This is no small feat and the touching story following the lives of two young Danish boys is a guaranteed must see.

The tale follows Elias and Christian (played by Markus Rygaard and William Johnk Nielsen), two young friends as they struggle to deal with various issues both at school and at home.

Each role is acted magnificently…

In a Better World not only connects you to the children but the battles that their parents face in dealing with them too. Each role is acted magnificently and as the stories develop the viewer cannot help but become emotionally attached to the characters.

This film is capable of leaving anyone in floods of tears and could be watched as much as socially acceptable with interest in every rolling minute.

Susanne Bier has permanently stamped her mark on my film loving history, and I for one wouldn’t mind if this was the only work she ever developed as In a Better World is simply that darn good.

5 Stars

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