Jack Falls was recently screened at the London Independent Film Festival, with director Paul Tanter providing the audience with an enthusiastic post film question and answer session on the film as it concludes the “Jack

Finished in Black and White, with sharp reds and purples occasionally lighting up the picture (see Schindler’s List or more recently Sin City), Jack Falls sets out to conclude the “one man army” revenge story as former undercover police officer Jack Adleth (Simon Phillips) is revived from gunshot wounds in Amsterdam only to travel back to London to confront those who conspired against him.

This third instalment boasts a noticeably increased budget which is evident through the enhanced production value and on-screen talent (which even Guy Ritchie wouldn’t be too displeased with), both of which Tanter modestly stated is “hopefully noticeable”.

…take a step back and appreciate Jack Falls for its creative brilliance…

The story plays out like a typical British gangster film yet is enhanced through the striking cinematography and subtle rise of tension as Jack stumbles towards his self-made destiny. The Stellar cast are without doubt the main attraction, but take a step back and appreciate Jack Falls for its creative brilliance (especially considering its relatively low budget) and you will realise what a great example of tense, engaging Independent British Filmmaking Tanter has worked so hard to produce.

4 Stars

Image courtesy of Jack Falls


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