Such as a dead man tells no tales, a blind man sees no evil, or so director Guillem Morales would have you believe. Produced by supernal virtuoso Guillermo del Toro, Julia’s Eyes (Los Ojos de Julia) isn’t your garden-variety thriller. Julia (Belén Rueda, The Orphanage) is suffering from a degenerative disease when she finds out that her twin sister Sara, who has already gone blind from the same disease, has hanged herself in the basement of her home. However, Julia isn’t convinced that her sister would do this and decides to investigate her death, leading her to an entirely new world full of darkness.

The film relies on the idea of invisibility “…to walk into a room and nobody remembers you. A silence. A void. An absence” the fear of being ignored is suffered by every human being. Instead of the customary suspenseful gimmicks, Julia’s Eyes takes you on a twisted journey full of dark corners and hushed whispers, testing the degree to which our imaginations can truly take us.

…a pure example of the plethora of raw talent leaving the independent cinemas of Spain…

Although the film is a tad long at times, the build up to the climax is a rewarding exchange for your patience. Rueda gives an excellent performance that surpasses her previous role in The Orphanage, through her attentive approach to Julia’s blindness, which only adds to the nail biting thrills throughout the film. Julia’s Eyes is a pure example of the plethora of raw talent leaving the independent cinemas of Spain, going onto the big screen. Well worth the wait.

4 Stars

Image courtesy of the East End Film Festival

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