It has been five years since the last mission but now Tom Cruise reprises his role as the hot shot agent who must yet again deal with another threat against the United States.

Ethan Hunt (Cruise) has been long gone from the spy world and he has been locked away in a Russian prison. It is not long until he is broken out by his team and the latest mission that Hunt and co. must accomplish is to stop a Russian terrorist who wants to start a nuclear war.

…plenty of gun fights, explosions [and] cars flying through the air…

The Mission Impossible series is best known for over the top stunts and Ghost Protocol does not disappoint. There are plenty of gun fights, explosions, cars flying through the air and of course the obligatory inclusion of a vertigo inducing climbing stunt from Cruise/Hunt.

I often find myself not caring about the stories in spy films as I find them confusing with plots that gets lost within the action, but Brad Bird (one of my favourite directors) has created a great story that is easy to follow and fits in nicely with the action.

3.5 Stars

Image courtesy of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol



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