Project X is an enjoyable film if you’ve never seen American Pie or The Hangover. Following the antics of a group of friends hoping to put on the best 17th birthday party, the film documents a high school party that gets completely out of control, shot from the perspective of the digital cameras that the kids have with them (but which are completely unaffordable by normal 17 year old standards). It’s a hilarious film if profanity, mild violence and an easy plot are your thing, and would feel incredibly fresh had those other very similar films never been made.

The swearing, used unsparingly throughout the film, may have been shockingly funny ten years ago, but because of its abundance in film and games, it just makes it commonplace, and the jokes, brought out through such language, plain boring.

It is pretty much like the Inbetweeners

Project X does exhibit a great deal of female nudity (and subsequent objectification – even if this objectification is part of a wider joke (which I think I’m reading too far into) – it is still, in the end, objectification that would even put pornography to shame).

So, if you’re male, you love swearing, naked girls, and outdated embarrassing situations that feel contrived and obvious in their inception, then Project X is your film for spring 2012. It is pretty much like the Inbetweeners, but done in an American way, and nowhere near as witty or, plainly, funny.

2 Stars


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