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Being an avid Star Wars fan from a young age, I was very excited to hear that crazy, old Lucas had commissioned a children’s television show based around the galactic conflict set between Attack of the Clones (AOTC) and Revenge of the Sith (ROTS). Three years on and the series is getting a tad more adult, but with any show based solely around war how could it not?

So to catch you up: Anakin Skywalker got a new padawan (apprentice); a big super weapon got destroyed; the Republic (the good guys) got more troops and more in debt; corruption has become rife and one of the key villains of the series (Assajj Ventress) was betrayed and went off swearing revenge. Now there is plenty more to the previous 3 seasons, but those are the main facts.

The wonderful thing about The Clone Wars is that it’s been a historical fact from the very beginning of the Star Wars saga. In A New Hope Obi Wan Kenobi (Alec Guinness) recalls to Luke Skywalker how he fought in the Clones Wars alongside his father. The beginning and end battles were shown in the latest prequels of the films, but Lucas wanted to go one further and explore how the characters got to where they were in ROTS. So enter Genndy Tartakovsky and his marvellous anime vision of some of the key moments of the war. If you haven’t seen these then you are missing out as the animation and sheer scope of what he achieves in a two hour time slot is amazing.


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After the success of these, Lucas decided to push forward and commission 100 new episodes (after a questionable animated film) and before we knew it season 4 popped its head round the corner.

Now I may be slightly biased being a complete fan obsessed lover of Star Wars, but the wonderful thing about this show is that it is getting better. At the beginning there were countless problems that connected the show to kids; the use of Star Wars quotes (“I have a bad feeling about this” literally was used in every episode of season 1!), Jar Jar Binks (enough said), stupid and recurring Villains who failed at everything and most importantly the good guys winning always.

Anakin is going to get mad and kill the entire Jedi Order…

Now as Season 4 has premiered in America we are starting to see a darker side to the war as we’re getting close to the connection to ROTS, meaning Anakin is going to get mad and kill the entire Jedi Order.

Already the opening season double part-er incorporated murder, death camps, underwater fighting and politics. From the look of the rest of the series we are hopefully going to see a lot more violence and dark storylines. Some of the best episodes have been solely about fighting and although Star Wars (especially in its expanded universe) is good with storylines, The Clone Wars are about war and should move away from this cutesy “the goodies always win” because they are the nice ones.


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Here’s hoping that we see some true villainy in season 4 and I for one will be hoping for some extreme violence like in the Clone Wars graphic novels.

I understand that the show was made for kids, but kids grow up and perhaps it would be good to show more clones dying. I mean they’re only clones right? They could just grow more…

Season 4 is showing in America right now and can be viewed online if you look hard enough!

Images courtesy of Star Wars and George Lucas



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