For years, comic book films have been pumped out left, right and centre from Hollywood. The current trend, however, is to re-create previous films and give them a whole new feel. The Punisher, The Incredible Hulk are two examples, but now it’s time for the web slinger to get a new polish. Can The Amazing Spider-Man out do the previous instalments or will Spider-man (Peter Parker) miss the mark?

This time it’s British actor, Andrew Garfield, who wears the red and blue tights, but in a different story to the 2002 edition. In this new film, Spider-man sets out to discover the truth behind what happened to his parents, after the abruptly leave him with aunt and uncle as a young child.

Andrew Garfield created a very believable Peter Parker…

During his investigation, Peter comes across his father’s former employer, OsCorp, and his father’s old colleague, Dr Curt Connors. Having lost a limb, Dr Connors is determined to re-grow it through his scientific research. It is here, while snooping, that the famous spider bites Peter turning him into everyone’s famous wall crawler.

Manifesting into Spider-man, Peter helps Dr Connors with vital information his father kept hidden. Pressurized, Connors experiments with this new information using Lizard DNA on himself; but something goes wrong, and he becomes part-man, part-lizard He becomes the Lizard; mentally scarred, he plans to mutilate the city.

Being a huge fan of the Amazing Spider-Man comic book series, I am happy to say that anyone new or old to the series will love the film. The new direction the film has been taken in works well: the use of web cartridges, unlike the previous films from the past decade, is one good example. Andrew Garfield created a very believable Peter Parker and Emma Stone as Gwen Stacey is a perfect match. There is plenty of action, comedy and romance to keep everyone happy.

4 Stars



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