The Kills | Heaven, London | 31 March 2011

Often when a band is uncommunicative in set it can be a bit of a turn off. As though mere-mortals in the crowd are just that bit inferior. There are, though, occasions when, not to give yourself away through the usual relatively inane chat, it leaves a dripping fascination in the back of your mind and resurrects just a bit of the rock and roll wannabe in your heart. Hince’s pounding, gunshot chords fronted by Mosshart’s mesmeric stage presence, while her distance, only serve to further stir the crowd this particular night.

…a highly memorable show.

They opened with No Wow and its heavy, driven, rolling bass-line is perfectly suited for the live show. What followed was a reassuringly imperfect, but noisy-electric set-list including older records, U.R.A. Fever and Kissy Kissy as well as new tracks D.N.A. and Satellite. They may not have the most complex riff patterns or chord progressions, nor is the new material ground-breaking, but powerful, driven chords they are, and combined with the sometime compellingly morbid lyrics, this is a highly memorable show.

Though they are by no means trying to be so, these two are probably as close as we’ve got right now to The White Stripes, in more ways than the obvious connections.

4 Stars


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