Monster movies have always been popular, but in recent years there has been a lack of quality from the genre. But now new creatures emerging from the forest. I am of course talking about…Trolls!

A group of students set on making a film for their studies investigate a rise in bear killings in nearby forests. While on the search, the students follow a mysterious man who they believe to be the culprit, but they are shockingly surprised when they find that he is not hunting bears, but Trolls.

…”Hans the Troll Hunter” an especially memorable character.

Troll Hunter follows the same rules of more modern day monster films, the main one being the use of a hand-held cameras with the events unfolding caught by part coincidence. Once the trolls are introduced you will be grabbing your seat in anticipation to see the next one come stomping round the corner; each one is completely different from the last.

The cast are convincing with “Hans the Troll Hunter” an especially memorable character. An original concept which could end up as one of the sleeper hits of the year.

4 Stars

Images courtesy of The Troll Hunters



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