Warrior is essentially a sports film with a similar set-up to the recently acclaimed boxing drama The Fighter. The film revolves around two brothers; Tommy (Tom Hardy) an army veteran with PTSD and Brendan (Joel Edgerton) a physics teacher who moonlights as an MMA (mixed martial artist).

The film begins with Tommy trying to reconcile with his father (Nick Nolte), a former drunk who’s past is left mostly uncharted. Despite despising him, Tommy asks his old man to train him up for the world’s biggest MMA event.

…drawn out and listless scenes…

This won't end well...

With almost metronomic predictability both brothers end up fighting in the same high-prize competition, not that you would get a prize for guessing that.

…gossamer-thin material…

Tom Hardy does some minor miracles given the gossamer-thin material he’s given and the fight scenes are very nicely shot, but the film has less flair than a monsoon on bonfire night.

1 Star

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