It’s summer time and Hollywood’s biggest and brightest films are flocking to the cinemas. The latest comic book adaptation is X-Men: First Class.

Set before the events of the first X-Men film, we see a young Charles Xavier wanting to learn more about mutants. Whereas the evil Magneto, still here known as Erik, is hell bent on revenge against the man who killed his mother during the second World War, turning him into the man he becomes. Xavier and Magneto soon cross paths when both their goals are to stop an evil mutant, played by Kevin Bacon, who wants to cause a Nuclear War.

There is plenty of action to keep any die-hard fan happy…

Fans of the previous instalments won’t be disappointed by the newest film depiction. There is plenty of action to satiate die-hard fans and even new viewers won’t find it difficult to follow the story as everything is explained well.

There’s a wide range of X-Men favourites that are brought to life for the big screen; even a cameo that would leave anyone with previous X-Men knowledge laughing to themselves.

The film has achieved great success in its story and characterisation; everything is what you’d expect it to be like in the earliness of the journey. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the film before going to see it but am happy to say it fulfils. Anyone hoping to see what the characters are like before the events of the first film should jump at the chance to see this.

5 Stars

Image courtesy of 20th Century Fox


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