I had no pre-conceptions about this film as it had been a while since I’d seen a Woody Allen film. Overall I was surprised. The film plays out around several different stories intertwining in regards to love and relationships.

In previous films, Woody Allen centres the action on American high society, but here he moves the characters to London town houses and art galleries; not a huge leap, but still a different perspective.

I felt the script was sometimes a tad too forced, especially the Americanisation of phrases and generalisation of English mannerisms. Undoubtedly this is a difficulty most writers will have when they’re trying to write intelligently about a different culture, but appeal to American audience.

The “message” did work, however: I left the screening feeling lifted by Allen’s humour, but quite down about relationships. You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger goes to great lengths to show that relationships are fragile things and although humorous at times, the film’s overall ending left me wanting the characters to resolve there issues. Not Allen’s best, but maybe he’s just telling us how harsh life really is.

4 Stars


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