I’m sure you have all seen that opulent advert of a brunette returning home, turning up the boogaloo version of ‘Come On-A-My House’ by Della Reese on the stereo then prancing around her home.

Surprisingly the mysterious brunette is then revealed to be Desperate Housewife actress Eva Longoria. Then even more surprisingly she is flogging cat food. She says six words “My passion… my cat… my choice”, giving the sludge of processed meat an endorsement and authenticity from a well-known figure.

The marketing assumption being that we should be seduced by Eva’s passion and follow it, as the strapline goes: “Sheba, follow your passion”. Everything from the lyrics to the lighting, warmth and style of the house is designed to be seductive and inviting: A possible fantasy could be attained by giving your cat a certain brand of food.

…A possible fantasy could be attained by giving your cat a certain brand of food…

Interestingly, actress Longoria has previously put her celebrity capital to sell ‘Beso’ a restaurant, ‘Eva’s Kitchen’ a cookbook and ‘Eva’ an Eau de Parfum. All three products are a common venture for modern celebrity endorsements. But cat food? A little odd? And intended to be, as shown from the shock reveal at the adverts climax. Even odder though, she confessed in an interview with the Sunday Telegraph in May to not even owning a cat. The very passion, and cat, she claims to have is false. She says she grew up on a ranch with a lot of cats. But she is selling a product she does not use unless she buys it for others or consumes it herself.

When asked in Femail, a free magazine for women how she feels about the campaign she stated “I was really excited to be a part of the Dine campaign for 2012. I thought it was brilliant to incorporate passion for life through whatever your interests may be. For me, it’s cooking, dancing or acting.” At first not mentioning her love of animal’s nutrition or wellbeing or even caring for them. In this interview perhaps she is being truthful about her passions something which the advertisement is not.

…In reality it seems more likely that she would be wearing the cat in the advert rather than feeding it…

Or perhaps the interview is being honest about her passions: money. In that same interview with Femail, she says that if she was not an actress she would have been a business woman. Maybe another falsity is at hand as she appears to be more of a business woman than anything else, especially above the welfare of animals. She is number 81 on Forbes 100 Celebrity list. Obviously the two are not mutually exclusive but unsurprisingly money seems to be an explanation for doing the advert. Interestingly Longoria has often been on PETA’s hitlist for wearing fur, for example at Harrod’s Winter Sale or everywhere on the net. In reality it seems more likely that she would be wearing the cat in the advert rather than feeding it.

Behind the glamorous show lies a sham, the six words she states in the advert appear false, I guess our cultures obsession with fame and celebrity wants to overlook the authenticity for a short one minute fantasy during the break of their T.V. favourite. With figures showing that Celebrity advertising can triple the chances of consumption make sure you don’t buy this brand based on a glossy fabrication alone, follow your own passion. It’s important. Even for your cat.



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  1. Bailee

    I DO NOT ! This infuriates me. As a cat owner my entire life even as a child. It is false advertising for her to state she has a cat and lies about it! If she were not a celebrity it probably would not be as noticeable or hypocritical because we all know ads don’t exactly stare all the facts. But for her to say this stuff and say she has a cat! That is just wrong! I would not but the product now because I don’t like her! Just take the money and lie! Mm mmm mmm! bad move Sheba!



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