It seems Cowell has a few insecurities he has neglected to mention whenever he’s in the spotlight.

He is well known for his larger than life character and colossal opinions; however his height doesn’t seem to reflect any of this. It’s a well known fact that tallish people give off the impression of confidence and success. Stereotypically they tend to be people who youngsters admire and look up to (no pun intended) because of the said characteristics.

Look at celebrities like Chris Tarrant or Jonathan Ross. These boys along with countless others are loved by the mainstream audience. They are very confident and vibrant and portray an image of influence while usually being a good few inches taller than anyone appearing on their shows. They are always well presented and generally smile at the best of times while Cowell is mainly renowned for his obnoxiousness.

…he appears short in regards to his height…

Is this all a cover up then, does Cowell use a shield of arrogance and critique to guard his precious feelings? The answer would seem apparent as I can’t remember him having ever stood up on these shows. Only a few weeks ago I saw David Walliams dancing around the judges seats while a man was playing the xylophone on stage. It would have been nice to see Cowell lighten up a bit and turn this dance into a double act, but no. He’s clearly worried about his serious image and the fact that if he appears short in regards to his height, the need for his musical opinion may be short lived.

From what I have read, Cowell, now 53, sports a pair of Cuban heeled shoes giving him a raise of around four inches. He also has a ‘booster’ seat on Britain’s Got Talent which is supposed to give the audience the impression that he is the same height as fellow judge Walliams. Also it now seems possible there is a reason behind his hairstyle as it is never combed straight down. Is this all to add a little more height to his appearance as well? If he’s so worried about this, maybe he should take a few styling tips from Jedward, hair being longer than OJ Simpson’s criminal record.

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