This week, I’m discovering a new kind of music that I like. Her Royal Harness pitch themselves as a synthpop duo, and create a fresh kind of electro pop style music. It’s hard to break down the exact qualities to it, but I guess it feels like a great classic pop tune, laid over a range of electronic and synthesised sound.



The overwhelming impression the music gives is that of a funfair. Something in the makeup of the music is reminiscent of listening music while riding the spinning waltzers in a field somewhere. On a less abstract note it’s similar to tracks on the ‘Drive’ sound track – vocal led with layered synthy backings. It’s music that should be blasted outloud, and that compels you to move.

Jaeger, the bands Scandanavian singer has a clear and compelling voice, cutting through the surrounding electronic and instrumental instruments. Dylan Long is the instrumentalist / producer, and gives a unique range of  sounds, with different influences audible throughout. The song is different enough to stand out from standard pop, but mainstream enough that it’s easy to imagine it playing in a club anywhere around London.

…an endearing strength to them…

The lyrics are a nice break from passive love lyrics and loss, with the opening line daring “C’mon hold me down”. The song has repetitive and catchy lyrics, with an endearing strength to them;  “I was always such a coward, I could never get by.”

The track is well structured, with tribal drums and ethereal synth sounds alternately taking prominence in the mix, underpinned by Jaeger’s vocals. The pair describe themselves as creating “romantic battle hymns” and the song certainly sounds like a call to action.

…it’s not a million miles away from a standard pop track…

There’s also a DeathByBadger remix of the track, bringing the synth elements to the forefront and taking the track a step further away from the mainstream, with the introduction of a range of samples vying for attention with piano. To my ears the remix is messy and disjointed, the experimental style destroying the carefully balanced elements of the original.

The joy of this track perhaps lies in its accessibility – it’s not a million miles away from a standard pop track, but the eccentric layered sound is more interesting to listen to, more worthy of a second hearing. The tracks are joyful and atmospheric  The addition of synth and drums give a more exciting sound, and strong lyrics make the whole thing instantly likeable.

…melding a range of genres…

The video of the track is well worth a watch, blending the track with ethereal lighting and shadows and kaleidoscopic camera effects. It’s a very eighties music meets modern computers sort of feel with the electronic music and soft focus video.

As a debut single it’s impressively put together, melding a range of genres and influences into an intriguing end result. It’s an infectious sounding single, and I’m confident the whole album will make for fun, head-bobbing listening.

The album is out now, and select tracks are available to stream from the band’s website.

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