The Hunger Games Trilogy is among the best known in an intriguing recent wave of politically aware, romantic teen-fiction novels. This sub-genre is slowly gaining traction with the big screen success of ‘The Hunger Games’ being closely followed by the release of ‘Divergent’ and a raft of other variations. These new stories pair traditional romance stories with dystopian settings and themes around government and revolution.


The Hunger Games was written as three books, and is now half way through being adapted into four films – the final book being split into ‘Mockingjay’ parts one and two. A large part of the success of the films, stems from the broad age appeal, and the strong female protagonist, Katniss Everdeen, played by Jennifer Lawrence, the young darling of Hollywood.

Despite the release of the third installment not being scheduled until November 21st of this year, there’s a growing online campaign for the film already active, with some great first peaks at what’s to come.

…content is starting to be drip-fed to the film’s many fans…

Online at, content is starting to be drip-fed to the film’s many fans. Most crucially, the website features a teasing glimpse of President Coin, a new character of upmost importance in the third part of the story. Julianne Moore is a key addition to a cast of impressive caliber. Woody Harrelson has taken a starring role throughout the adaptations, and the brilliant Phillip Seymour Hoffman was still working on the film at the time of his death.

This new website also features a tantalizing, yet tiny segment of the script from the film, revealing that Katniss is to be shaped into the face of the revolution. This film is going to see a complete departure from the previous films settings inside the games themselves.

 …this is enough to excite the most die hard of fans…

Unusually there’s also a ‘motion title’ – with the icon of the book animated as a dramatic moving emblem. Even this is enough to excite the most die hard of fans, with the logo itself making reference to events in the book, and the strong music hinting at the building tension and revolutionary overtones.

The Hunger Games Trilogy has brilliantly engaged a strong online following throughout the making of each film, and this time is no exception. The small amount of content is enough to relight the excitement about the films, and I can only assume that content will continue to be added over the next six months before the films release.

 …they also help retain audience interest during the big gaps between releases…

As well as the ‘First Look’ website, there’s an incredibly complex set-up at the domain This site is a remarkably detailed couture fashion site, made up partly of fictional fashions and designers invented for the film, and partly by real clothes and designers inspired by the films. The branding and design of this site is brilliantly immersive, even inviting people to enter competitions to design for ‘The Capitol’. These complex web campaigns offer a whole different element to the fictional world created by the books. On a more cynical note they also help retain audience interest during the big gaps between releases, but in the most appealing of way.

The next film will have a lot of hype to live up to, but there’s a lot to be said for allowing the keen audience a glimpse of what’s coming to them. Releasing director’s notes and script elements builds a real sense of excitement, and reveals an incredibly well thought out strategy, for what’s sure to be another impressive installment in a cinema dominating trilogy.

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