Everyone watches soaps. Anyone who says that they don’t is a liar. I don’t mean that in a harsh way, it’s just a proven fact that in our culture it is impossible to escape from the drama of the television soap. Everyone has heard of Dirty Den, Harold Bishop and Vera Duckworth. When a character is bumped off or there is a startling revelation it is common water cooler talk, however much you want to escape it soaps infiltrate our lives.

First4lawyers have come up with an interesting infographic which highlights how much soap stars should be entitled for! Imagine the pay-out on the tram crash for instance? Check out the infographic here.

Soap start


We’ve also compiled a few stats from the viewing public based on Soaps, so when you’re next caught up in a discussion (it should be a daily occurrence) throw some of these at your friends:

31% of soap watchers believe that Coronation best represents real life.

54% of soap watchers think that if Eastenders was an emotion it would be misery.

9% of soap watchers feel influenced in their daily decisions by what they see on the shows.

Out of all of the soap characters family’s viewers relate most to The Dingles from Emmerdale.

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