As a seasoned bass chaser you can imagine my excitement when a night like Spectrum appeared in my inbox. With three sellout shows laying the foundations for the launch at new venue The Electric in Brixton, and a reputation for Richter scale line-ups, my expectations were high, but they weren’t without good reason.

This truly was a night of headliners. Described as showcasing a ‘Jaw dropping mix of genres’ and staying true to themselves as ‘Pete Jordan’s underground powerhouse’ behind the decks made temporary home to an eclectic mix of DJ’s. These included master of the remix Jakwob and window smashing dubstep so dirty from Borgore and Bare Noize I’ll be showering for weeks before I can pop out for milk without being mistaken for Oliver Twist.

…Pete Jordan began proceedings on the main stage…

After Pete Jordan began proceedings on the main stage as people steadily arrived, the dance floor soon filled to the sounds of South Central, who, dressed typically with their hoodies tied tight around their faces, hyped the crowd with tune after tune. “You blocked me on facebook, and now you’re going to die” rang out across the 1700 strong crowd as they used Knife Party’s Internet Friends to speak and mock the many voices of this fucked up generation. Utilising a keytar as if a bassed up resurrection of Hendrix, the set showcased their talent as both musicians and competent DJs.

The Japanese Popstars played their live festival techno show in a performance that felt like a slight anti-climax after the energy exerted from South Central, and the gap in set up between DJs felt awkward and a bit unnecessary. But Jakwob and Borgore soon picked things up again with Jakwob playing both self produced songs and those of other DJs such as Caspa and Rusko’s Where’s My Money, and Borgore dropping Flux Pavilion’s Bass Cannon and his remix of Hollywood Undead’s I Don’t Wanna Die before launching himself into the crowd.

…I’ll be showering for weeks…

Room 2 opened with Mr Whippy, and, separated from the main room by just a curtain held its own all night. I haven’t had a gym membership for a while but my pores definitely opened during my time in that steam room with Torqux & Twist smashing up the place.

The next Spectrum will be on November 5 do not miss it, it’s sure to go off with a BANG.

Image courtesy of Spectrum


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