Gaming is an essential part of my life. I use it to de-stress, and in some instances, take my anger out on a bunch of helpless NPCs. I also use it as a social function, and regularly play titles that embrace online play. This opens the experience up to literally making friend with anyone in the world, and on several occasions I have had the best times fighting together with players in the US, Poland and Russia.

All this aside,  I do enjoy immersive games and recently there have been a bunch of high class released that have made me go weak at the knees. For this article I will be focussing on Dragon Age: Inquisition, which in my opinion could change the way that we look at the games delivered from Bioware in the future. For those not in the know, Inquisition is the third major game in the Dragon Age franchise (there has been DLCs and expansion packs) and we are all very excited about it because the Dragon Age series has been primarily strong the whole way through. The game is a fantasy tale where you can create your own character that will fight to save the land of Thedas. This time round though it doesn’t seem to be featuring an overall big bad that threatens everyone, but more of a threat from within. A civil war between Mages and Templars spurning from political and royal tensions seen in the previous instalments of the games. This adds a more personal aspect to the game as the face evil may not be what you expect.



Bioware have done so well to bring the player into the world that they originally created in the first game. With bigger locations (the map is monstrous), more customization, destroyable environaments anf a revamped fighting system (tkaen from the best bits of the previous games) Inquisition will be an experience worthy of your time.

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