It’s a terrible feeling.. Going back to normality. Gone are the lazy days of Christmas and the hungover brunch of the New Years. Now we enter a new year and for most, this means going back to the office. However, as it is so cold I am writing from home, which means my spare time can be spent honing my skills on my Xbox One.

Of course I could be doing other things, but I haven’t escaped from that holiday feeling yet, and so my hands get the “cold turkey finger itch” if I don’t hold my controller at least once an hour.

My undivided attention has fallen on FIFA 15 and there is a very good reason for this; it’s darn good. I find that having is getting more and more immersive as we move along and FIFA 15 is no exception. Although I am more partial to a hack and slash fantasy game, this football simulator takes me back to when I used to play, and throws you straight into the wonders of the beautiful game. Check out the festive themed trailer EA released this Christmas:



The FIFA games are incredibly popular, and with such a loyal fan base you can only expect that each game will be bigger, and this is no exception. Already EA have added new features to its ultimate team set up to heighten the experience. Now we can accept loaned players for a set amount of matches and even build our own dream team in the Concept Squad feature.

Feeling as though you are actually at a match, surrounded by thousands of fans, is really what it is about. For someone who is grasping at the ever fading holiday season, it’s a game I’m happy to go out on with a bang, before I put my gaming hands into rehab.

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