When it comes to entertainment it would be hard to find someone who doesn’t frequently watch videos on YouTube. YouTube has become the platform for aspiring and amazing talent. If I sat down with you and asked to show me who you subscribed to, most likely your list would be made up with vlogs, singers and comedians.

Anthony Vincent is a 26 year old musician who own ten second songs. He rose to YouTube fame when he released his own version of Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” which entailed him singing the song as 20 different singers.

Well now he’s back and starring in one of Cadbury’s newest adverts for Free the Joy. The campaign is all about finding those little moments that bring joy to your life. Delve into a bar of Cadbury’s or do a little dance. It’s the little moments that count.

Check out the awesome video below as Anthony sings “Yes sir, I can boogie” in various musical styles. Anthony mixes it up with Guns N Roses, Bruno Mars and even Johnny Cash:



So what do you think? Does Cadbury’s make you want to burst out into song? Check out Cadbury’s YouTube for more fun videos and let us know below how you would show the joy.


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