Like most people I have a bunch of varied technological wonders in my home to make life that all so much easier. I have two desktop computers (one is for personal use and the other design work), a laptop and several generations of smartphone. The one thing that I have shied away from is a tablet, so it was interesting to check out Acer Iconia W4 as it was something out of my comfort zone.

Acer2Firstly the Iconia W4 was incredibly light weight which meant I could easily feel myself packing it up and taking it with me to meetings in my satchel. One of my hates is lugging around laptops (one of my older design laptops actually gave me back problems!), but we would have no problems with this.

The screen is bright and works perfectly in direct sunlight, which is a problem that other tablets seem to get. This is thanks to an Intel® Atom™ 1.33 GHz processor and 2 GB RAM that improves performance and battery life (up to 10 bours), as well as Acer Zero Air Gap technology that means there is no gap between the screen. This creates a better user experience, crisper visuals (perfect for gaming) and a minimisation of reflections.

…portrait mode gives the user a brilliant one page experience…

Finally the interface is built for a perfect browsing experience. The portrait mode gives the user a brilliant one page experience where you can do everything at once. Helpfl when you have to respond to a lot of emails, work and twitter comments at once.

Acer Iconia W4 tablet is a fun tablet to use and I can definitely see the appeal for having one over a laptop. My only concern is that if you are prone to falling over or walking into things like I am, the tablet may come to a sticky end. Unfortunately I couldn’t test the durability, like throwing it down some stairs (I tested my Gamecube like this years ago), but from what I can tell it is a well built and welcome addition to any home.

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