What is it that you are better at than anybody else? Supposedly everyone in the world has something that they excellent at. Perhaps you are a champion nail biter? Or you can eat more hot dogs in one sitting? Just off the top of my head I can tell you that my knowledge of the Star Wars expanded universe is pretty top notch (a sad fact, but I care not), and I am rightly feared when playing Super Smash Brothers: Melee on the GameCube (no joke about this, I am terrifyingly good at it).

These may seem bizarre to you, but I am very proud of these facts. Everyone is different, and you shouldn’t be embarrassed by what you are talented at.

Heinekens newest campaign follows a castaway who seemingly can do a lot of talented things once he gets rescued on a cruise liner. But is he one man or a bunch of talented blokes? Check out the video here:



The advert, created by HEINEKEN with Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam, follows its recent ‘Legends’ platform, which saw a series of ‘Men of the World’ who are pushed to discover their limits and overcome them. However, this is the first time that non-actors have been used in the campaign and given a stage, proving that every man has the ability to become legendary.

And just to tickle your funny bones, check out the video from Heineken HQ defending the talented fellas who took part in the advert (watch out for all the crazy background stuff):



So think you’re more talented than the castaway? Let us know your legendary talent in the comments below! Oh and anyone who thinks they can best me at mine are more than welcome to try. Because you will fail. Miserably.

This post has been sponsored by Heineken

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