The Sims has always been one of my favourite game series. I love all kind of gaming genres, but there is something about The Sims that brings warm and fuzzy feelings to my tummy. The series has been around for a long time, and that is why I think it is going strong because it appeals to so many generations of players.

I take you back to my sixth form years and while being an A star student I also dabbled in long evenings of gaming. What was awesome about The Sims at that time was that it was one of the only games that my female friends would be excited to play. That sounds weird now as I know more female gamers who are far better than I could ever be, but at the time it was different, and nice to include them in something that I primarily spent doing with my guy friends.

Even to this day my school friends have stories of when we would go round to H’s house and build up a family in a massive house, and see how it went. We would name a person in the house after everyone in our friendship group, and as the characters had children we would include other school friends. Hilarity ensued.

The fact that I can remember so vividly the fun I had with this game shows how good the series is. The latest game, The Sims 4, looks absolutely amazing with more emotions, sharper graphics and customization, so you can really create that perfect Sim. Or if you’re anything like me, build up a family and dispose of them in the worst ways.

Sim PoolCustomization has come a long way from the days I played the game at school. Now you can make the perfect Sim (the game animators use a technique that adds white markers onto the characters bod, and with this you can make uniquely shaped people), build unique houses (far more visual and open then before) and (something that is really interesting) you can now build your perfect swimming pool. I know that sounds weird that I am excited about this, but everyone wants the dream swimming pool in their house, and now it can be done! There are varied sizes to choose from and now you can place them throughout different floors, and even on the roof. Who wouldn’t want a large tank taking up half the third floor. Nobody, that’s who.

Check out the worthwhile trailer and let us know what you think:



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