There is nothing like beating the crap out of your best friend. No I am being serious. Making them submit to your powerful fighting prowess and proving they were wrong to challenge you, is something I look for. Not in real life though. In reality I have the strength of a wet paper towel (and not those super strong elephant ones either).

I am speaking of the virtual world of consoles. From the very beginning we loved shouting MORTAL KOMAT and throwing a chain through Sub Zero’s head. Taking down Bison with a hadouken, and more recently seeing Yoda take on Link (which was an odd match up).

Fighting games have been the basis for some of the best titles across all platforms for generations, so it would be no surprise that EA Sports UFC (Ultimate Fighting Champions) on the PS4 has turned a few heads from its initial announcement.

The series has fared well in gaming circles and anticipation is high between fans. Check out the gameplay trailer below.



Upping the ante this time round, the developers have installed a far more sophisticated AI into the game engine (if you compare it to previous editions). It changes the opponent’s tactics to counter what your good at. This means a more realistic fight as in reality, who would keep letting you kick them in the head with the same move? The game also boasts a body changing add on which connects you to your fighter in ways unseen before.

With countless fighters to choose from it should make for an interesting game, but the fun thing is if you pre-order the game you can get Bruce Lee as a character; the ultimate master of martial arts.

Think it will be easy with him at your control? But what if you have to fight him? Guess you’ll have to think outside the box a bit.

Check out the games Facebook, Twitter and Youtube channel.

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