No matter where I look lately, there never seems to be good gadgets out there for under a fiver, and so many places advertise top gadgets for over £70, too much for many people. So I set out to find some cool stocking filler gadgets for under a fiver:


Self Colour Changing Eggz (£3.99)

The colour Changing Egg is perfect for any atmosphere you wish to create. There are a range of colours which change smoothly or a colour lock button to stop at a shade that suits you. Can be used instead of a candle in the bathroom, or outside during a BBQ. Either way, this is such a good gift for such a cheap price.



Classic Games in a Tin: Snakes and Ladders (£3.50)

These old-fashioned yet very well established games are placed lovingly within a cute tin with the board and instructions included. The pieces are magnetic and not too small they can get lost, but the handy thing is they can be played when travelling, so a great gadget for the road.



SanDisk Cruzer Blade 4GB USB flash drive (£4.25)

Though maybe not the best gift in the world, but one of the most useful. This USB flash drive can store up to 4GB worth of information, which can be stored and transferred from computer to computer as you wish and is a very useful gadget to have lying around the house.



Mystic 8 Ball (£4.95)

The Mystic 8 Ball has been our answer to most of life’s problems for over 50 years and is one of our ultimate decision makers. Not only is it so very influential it is also a pop culture phenomenon and iconic symbol for luck. So who knows, if you’re in a pickle and need some advice? Perhaps you should own one of these?



Speedlink SL-6242-F01 Silk Mousepad: Pear (£3.49)

Apple isn’t the only fruit good for you, so let’s welcome the Pear. I quite like this intuitive, fun and lighthearted mouse mat that has a humorous appeal to it. It’s quite a nice gift for someone who owns just about everything Apple, so adding a pear to the fruit mix might be quite interesting.

Image courtesy of Self Colour Changing Eggz, Classic Games in a Tin, SanDisk Cruzer Blade 4GB USB flash drive , Mystic 8 Ball and Speedlink SL-6242-F01 Silk Mousepad – Pear


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