Technology uber giant Apple is at it again in the latest round of patent infringement battles with its rivals.

Samsung is in the firing line this time as Apple acquires an injunction preventing the sale of their new Galaxy Tab across Europe. A similar injunction is also in effect in Australia delaying sales.

…profits in excess of £4.6bn…

Apple claim that Samsung have shamelessly copied the technology that makes the iPad and iPhone the current market leaders. As of June this year Apple reported profits in excess of £4.6bn during the previous three months.

This is not the first time this year that Apple has hit the headlines after accusing fellow technology manufacturers of theft of their intellectual property. Taiwanese company HTC earlier this year were accused of pinching technology and ideas by Apple who had the year before filed a complaint claiming that HTC had infringed Apple’s patents on multiple occasions. This prompted HTC to hit back with a counter-complaint and even attempted to have the sale of iPods, iPads and iPhones banned in the US. Samsung also filed a complaint with the US International Trade Commission asking for Apple sales to be blocked.

…damage the credibility of all involved.

This tit for tat legal posturing does neither company any favours and in the long run may damage the credibility of all involved.

The irony is that although Apple may be all conquering in terms of profits and sales it relies on Samsung for many of the components used in its products and Samsung in turn benefits from the revenue and investment Apple provides.

The injunction on the Galaxy Tab is only temporary and Samsung are counter-suing…name-calling and sweetie stealing is due to start any day now.

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