Bubble universes have long been a staple of Science Fiction but scientists may be close to proving that the Multiverse may not be such a doo-lally idea after all.

The idea of multiple universes existing side by side has been around for over 100 years but it’s only recently scientists have been able to detect the tell tale signs of another universe in the background radiation of our own.

…over seven years worth of data has been drawn together…

Using information gathered from the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe, launched by NASA in 2001, over seven years worth of data has been drawn together to give a highly accurate map of cosmic microwave background (CMB) radiation which fills our entire universe.

Theories suggest that bubble universes could be springing into existence all the time but rapid expansion means that contact with them is impossible. The data from the Wilkinson Probe indicates that when a universe is created it leaves a distinctive mark on our CMB.

…identified as being likely places for the birth of bubble universes…

Four areas of the CMB have been identified as being likely places for the birth of bubble universes and although the statistical significance of this is quite low data from the Planck telescope (which is far more sensitive than the Wilkinson Probe), it will be taken into account to give a more accurate idea as to the validity of the multiverse theory.

If found then unfortunately it will be the end of the line for this branch of scientific theory as contact with other universes is impossible so no chance of chatting to your evil twin from another universe I’m afraid.

The data from the Planck telescope will be made public in 2013 so we’ll have to wait till then before a definitive answer can be found.


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