Media streaming has been steadily rising in ability and popularity for years. BBC’s iPlayer, launched in 2007 showed how such a service can be a fast and easy way to watch backdated television programmes without the need to set your TV recorder. Essentially it introduced the public to the idea that you can watch TV via the internet. Now with faster than ever broadband speeds, the path was open for other types of media to be streamed direct to your home.

Taking advantage of cloud computing OnLive offers people on demand gaming without the need to buy a disc or to upgrade your PC in order to play the latest HD games. All the game information is stored in one of OnLive’s server houses where it’s held until a gamer sets up a profile and either decides to rent or buy a game, then they will be given access to OnLive’s catalogue of games.

…over 50 of the best developers in the business…

Making life that one bit simpler...

Onlive’s library currently stands at over 100 titles which are being added to all the time, and as the company has partnered with over 50 of the best developers in the business, there is a lot of quality gaming fun to be had.

Don’t worry about having to find space in your already console cluttered living room, the OnLive micro-console is about the size of the average Nintendo DS and plugs directly into your TV. The system is designed to be as compatible as possible with your existing hardware, you can even buy non-HD cables if your TV isn’t a £1,500 HD super TV.

It’s incredibly easy to set up…

Apart from being able to connect to your gogglebox, OnLive is available for your PC/Mac, even your iPad, and an Android version is on the way. It’s incredibly easy to set up too; just sign up online, download the App from iTunes (if you’re using your iPad) and plug your micro-console into your HD-TV just like any other game console.

As well as its extensive game library, OnLive allows gamers to record their gameplay and show them off as brag clips to your OnLive mates. There’s even an Arena mode that allows you to sit in and watch other gamers playing anywhere in the world.

Aware that people like to try before they buy, OnLive has included a free 30 min demo for each of its games – excellent value. There are several buying options, too, you can choose to rent a game for 3-5 days like you would at any game rental store, or you can buy a game outright there and then. For the hardcore gamers out there, you have the option to subscribe for a monthly fee and have access to OnLive’s entire catalogue with subscribers being treated to a 30% discount on any other OnLive service.

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