Over the course of next weekend a great battle will be taking place in London. Nothing violent, however the claws might come out as various speakers’ debate and hold discussions on a varied programme of events.

With over 80 sessions being held and 2000 delegates attending, The Battle of Ideas provides a forum for free thinking, debate and discussion: in particular, evaluating to what degree the great ideas of freedom, equality, and solidarity, can still provide a foundation for living together in the 21st century.

…watch the fireworks!

This year’s programme includes exciting debates such as; What is wrong with equality?, Capitalism: kill or cure?, The illusion of free will, The 21st Century case for freedom Austerity: here to stay? and Risk, regulation and red tape.

So pop along and get your voice heard or sit back and watch the fireworks! A complete programme listing can be seen here.

The event is being held at the Barbican on the weekend of the 20 & 21 October.

There is a special offer exclusively for students of £27.50 alongside normal ticket prices.

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