For the majority of my friends the reality is harsh: unless we work very hard we will never get the dream house that we planned in our heads. Unfortunately with the recession, house prices rising and dangerous competition in the job market, it is becoming more unlikely that even on a decent wage the majority of us will never be able to put down a mortgage on a house.

However, talking with friends recently I came to the conclusion that it’s all not doom and gloom. Firstly being of the generation that sat and played for hours on the original Sims game, meticulously planning out my dream house that in my twisted mind would include all of my friends and our children, I now have a clear idea of what I want in my house. These aren’t big asks, in fact there pretty straightforward: a nice sized bedroom, lots of light and possibly a good location to get to work without having to travel for two hours.

…my friends move into new places and spend the rest of their time arguing…

Secondly I would want to get rid of a lot of the things I hoard for no apparent reason. I have an overabundance of clothes, gifts I’ll never use (mugs with my name on) and what I call one use items (magazines and gadgets). Without these my home would be a spotless and the kind of place that you could relax in.

Lastly, I would want to have everything installed and eco-friendly. Many of my friends move into new places and spend the rest of their time arguing with the landlords over a dripping tap, broken boiler and other nasty, calm destroying problems. With my own house I would want everything to be working when I move in. With the job I am in and the hours I work I don’t want to spend my spare time doing up the place just because it was cheaper.

…so many new ideas and designs…

It’s still a long way off from owning my own slice of heaven, but I am confident that when the time comes I will check the market and really make sure what I am getting is really for me. With so many new ideas and designs on the market it’s easier to pick what you want; and you should have what you want. We all work too hard for a shot at making our dreams true so don’t just settle for average when you can make that Sims house for real.

But leave out the death by fire and drowning that always befell my friends.

Check out this software that helps to build your perfect home. The Sims for grown up’s.



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