Arachnophobes may need to book a long holiday this winter as the warm spring and damp summer created great living conditions for our eight legged friends. So expect to see unusually large amounts of them wandering around your house over the next few months.

It’s mating season for the arachnids. Males will be on the hunt for females who have moved inside where it’s warm to set up home for the winter. No need to fear though as although spiders are possibly the strangest looking creature to inhabit our damp little island (there are over 600 species in the UK) they’re quite harmless with only one variety capable of giving you a bite, and even then it’s not dangerous to a healthy person.

…it’s too busy looking for a mate.

The most common spider to see scuttling around your house is the aptly named Common House Spider or Giant House Spider, and although it may look dangerous it couldn’t hurt you even if it wanted to, which it doesn’t, remember it’s too busy looking for a mate.

Apart from being totally rubbish when it comes to killing people, spiders are very good for the ecosystem mopping up thousands of insects and flies that would otherwise become out of control so you should thank your friendly neighbourly spider. So embrace your arachnid house guests because they would only hurt a fly…       


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