Coming out of university can be a daunting experience. For the past 3+ years you have partied to your heart’s content, awoken a sexual predator and studied for your dream. But the minute you leave education a black hole of despair opens up, and you discover that it’s not just you looking for that job.. It’s the other thousands of graduates as well.

The important thing to remember is not to panic. Everyone is in the same boat.

There are a variety of sites that you can check out that will put you in touch with the people that really matter. Don’t be put off if you’ve applied for a job and you are the 700th, as recruiters will look at the majority of CV’s submitted. They are looking for the best and that could be you.

Total Jobs is a decent website that is easy to use and has the largest amount of opportunities open to graduates. Check out the worthwhile video campaign they are running at the moment.



The best thing to do when looking for a job is to do your research. If you are well informed about the job role, what the company stands for and how you will benefit them, then you are the perfect candidate for them. If you don’t get the job straight away then look elsewhere.. There are plenty of massive job company fish in the world/sea.

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