I think I’ve well and truly heard it all now. For some the whole shenanigan of reading a book or magazine in the bathroom and thereby taking double the amount of time, has been the only way we can enjoy some quiet time but now there is a game where men can aim, shoot and fire at targets with their urine.

Okay, so I think that’s actually quite amusing and can just imagine the hoard of men competing with each other while their girlfriends sit drinking and chatting upstairs unaware of their other half’s escapades below, and can agree that is far better than staring at a blank wall, but if they think this will stop drunkards from urinating all over the urinal creating a rather large mess, then they have another thing coming.

…rather entertaining…

The whole idea, yes, is rather entertaining, but why oh why is money being spent on ideas such as this when someone using a urinal takes only a minute or so? British company Captive Media was granted the patent for this new piece of technology which generally allows a screen to be fitted into a wall of the public toilet, whether it be a pub or a club, and turns into a gaming mode when used.

The whole idea is amusing and quite fun for the men to enjoy, but surely a video of the warnings of drink and drugs should appear when they start using it… Perhaps that would have been a more ‘cost-effective’ purchase?

You can then build-up an online score…

The basics of this game are as followed: there are three targets to aim which are highlighted reading “Start”, “Left” and “Right” and when doing this the console can detect where the urine falls through and the choice of games vary from a pub quiz and a skiing game. But it doesn’t end there, you can then build up an online score and then compare your score with other users who can then upload these scores to Facebook and Twitter.

The developer of this urinal game, Gordon MacSween, said: “It’s notoriously difficult for brands to engage a young male audience while they’re out socialising.” The Co-developer, Mark Melford, added: “It is allowing brands to really engage in a fun and memorable way.”

It has also been noted that it promotes reasonable drinking by trying to focus and to aim to achieve a good score, engaging its users, but I can’t help thinking that a screen replacing a blank wall for 50 odd seconds is a tad over the top and a poster above the urinal would be just as effective. 


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